Life is hard but why make it worse? ...

Why work against our nature when we can work in sync with it?!

This book helps discover your nature and adapt your work habits accordingly. It provides practical advice, based on research and experience, on how to (re)connect to your nature and realize your potential.

It is meant to be both useful and fun. It is therefore written in a conversational style, comes with numerous illustrations, and proposes several practical exercises.

Author of work with your nature not against it
Karim manjra
Author of work with your nature not against it
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"One of the best books to realign with one’s mission."
Soufiane Erraji, Author of You can Change the World and The EPIC Manager
We do fight against our nature. Some see it as a fatality to cope, change, adapt… Karim proactively accepts all the facets of human nature and guides us through his development toolbox, aiming to concretely connect us to our true, best selves… Lovely way to depict the heavy in the “light”, guided by his profound, yet achievable idealism…
 Senior marketing manager
Houda Sebti
Senior marketing manager
An eyes and mind opening book that could change your life. It is your ideal book if you feel burned out, lost or just curious about the human nature. It’s one of the funniest, lightweight and informative books I’ve ever read
Founder at
Soufian Malih
Founder at
Truly enlightening book! It brings a new approach to overcoming blocks to creativity and productivity. Karim provides concrete steps to readers on how to tap one’s inner treasure trove of talent and skills in order to achieve one’s full potential. Karim’s book is a life-changing gift
Latifa Bousaidi Taylor
I've read the book and I highly recommend it! Karim Manjra is a genius who makes it easy to access useful information and help us improve! Great book full of humor and lightness, written with great seriousness!
Clinical Psychologist and Human Resource Trainer
Ilham Dairy
Clinical Psychologist and Human Resource Trainer
You are most productive when you use your preferred operating mode. You hustle less and produce more.
All of us are born with a gift. Find out what you are gifted at.
To enjoy WHAT you do, play with HOW you do it!
Talent is not a myth. It does exist but isn’t enough to reach world-class excellence.
Our JOB in life is to WORK on ourselves…
Dreams and goals are not meant to overwhelm you but to motivate you. Remember, It is not about how fast but how far you can go.
A sound self-esteem, confidence or efficacy should be grounded on a healthy self-worth. Your internal talk helps so Watch Your Words!
Maybe the easiest way to be motivated is to avoid being demotivated. And keep in mind that willpower is a scarce resource. Use it wisely!
We are mammals. To us, change is a crisis. Uncover resistance factors rather than fight them.
Life is not meant to be simple but meaningful, so… take the driver’s seat!
You need to manage the influence others have on you proactively. Influence increases proportionally to time spent.
We are prone to be deceived when we are unable to satisfy our basic needs ourselves. The more dependent we are, the more we tend to like people for the wrong reasons.
Leaders who contribute to others’ growth opt for empathy over compassion and sympathy.
Learn to distinguish between values, anti-values, and ethics to avoid fighting others’ dogmas with your own. Hence, maintaining an open posture towards the world.
Karim manjra author work with your nature not against it
Karim Manjra defines himself as a curious creative. After his Marketing studies in Canada, he joined the corporate world. This is where he discovered his passion for human behavior. He then further explored the subject through various coaching certifications from institutes based in Belgium, Canada, and France. For a few years now, he has been publishing articles about human behavior with an approach centered on biology. This gives a special tint to his writings that open new perspectives. He now works as an organizational consultant for big corporations. Besides, he is a talented photographer and music producer.